GB WhatsApp Update 2019 June 6.60, 6.95, 7.90 [Anti Ban APK Download]

GBWhatsApp Apk 2019: Bored with your generic-looking GBwhatsApp 6.60 and want some more granular control over it? Then you have come to the right place as today; we’ll talk about an unusual variant of Whatsapp which does more for you and gives you a whole host of features which you always desire to be in the stock app since day one. It’s called the GB Whatsapp for Android, and in this post, we’ll talk about why would you like to switch to it and what new features the GB WhatsApp Android APK brings to the table.

GBWhatsApp Download Links: If you are here to download the latest GBWhatsapp 2019 APK then click. You can also download GBWhatsapp 6.95 update and 7.90 APK from below mentioned links. Also, read our in-depth guide on the Lucky Patcher app for Android.

With GB WhatsApp for Android, you get a wide range of control over your last seen, its blue ticks, videos limit and much more. In simple language, you get to do much more with the GBWhatsapp for Android than you can do with the regular version. We will also recommend you to download and install the latest GB Whatsapp version file from the link given below as there are many fake versions of it available on the net as well. Here are some of the major highlights of the GBWhatsapp for Android.

GBWhatsapp Android Features:

1)  Hide/Lock Your Chats

Image Courtesy: Showing GBWhatsapp Features

In GBWhatsapp (Whatsapp GB) for Android, you can hide your chats by just long pressing on that particular chat and tapping on the three dots on the top left corner and there you should select the HIDE option. Then you’ll be asked to lock it via a pattern lock to hide it.

Now to again make it visible, just tap on the Whatsapp logo on the top left corner and it shall open the hidden chats list, in that to make chats visible again, just hold on the specific conversation and tap on the three dots, and select Marks as Visible, to again show it in the regular messages listings.


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