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Download filmmaker Pro-Apk for Android: Are you looking for the Best Video Editor and Film-Maker Apk for Android.? If it is YES. Then download filmmaker Pro-Apk for Android is the best solution for you. Here you can find the Film-maker app download link. From this link, you can download the Filmmaker apk for Android free. So download the Film-maker-Best Video Editor Apk and enjoy this Apk for Android.

Film Maker Pro-The Best Video Editor

Filmmaker Pro is a new Android app released by Andreas Rehwald that allows people to edit videos on their mobile devices. This Apk is now used as a professional video and movie-maker apk. Many movie makers also make movies via this Apk.

The video editor and the film-maker Pro for Android are only tools to help moviemakers and video editors. These tools are far from being capable of editing any kind of video. In order to be able to produce a video with the high-quality possible. This video editing Filmmaker Pr like The Adobe Premiere and Sony Vegas apps. This filmmaker pro is available for Android, iPad, and iOs also.

Filmmaker Pro Mod Apk Latest Version

Did you know about Filmmaker Pro-Mod latest Version? If your answer is no. Then I can help you to know about this Filmmaker Apk latest version 2020. Filmmaker Apk is the latest version of this Apk. Here I am going to pick up the additional information about this video editor and movie maker apk.

Additional Information of Film-Maker Pro Apk latest version

NameFilm-Maker Pro Apk
Latest Version2.6.8.2
Apk Size42 MB
Last Update12th September 2019
Available onGoogle PlayStore
PlatformAndroid, PC Windows, and iOS
CategoryVideo Editor

Features of Filmmaker Pro Apk for Android

There are many new and amazing features are available on this filmmaker app for Android. Here I want to show some popular and useful features of this Apk. Let’s check the Key Features of this Film-Maker Apk.

Multiple Layers

The Video Maker Pro has an unlimited number of pages that you can edit. This means that you can add as many videos as you want to your project. In order to add a video to the Movie Maker Pro app, you just have to tap on the page and then you can select the video you want to add.

Easy to use

The video editor Pro is an easy to use mobile application. It’s a breeze to start and edit videos on your mobile device. In order to make a video on your mobile device, you will need to download the software from the given link below.

No Ads

The goods news of this Apk is ” There is no Ads” That means there are no advertisements that will disturb you.

Video Editor

Video Editor tools are the most useful features of this Apk. Trim, split, cut, duplicate & detach audio are available on this apk. You can cut, trim your unnecessary clips from your video. As well as you can duplicate and detach your video voice.


in this new edition, it has come with many new video transitions. Now There are 40+ transitions available on this apk.

Video Speed

You can control your videos speed on this video editor Apk. If you want to make a slow-mo in your Android. Then your dream will be fulfilled by this Filmmaker app.

Video Effects

You can make your video or movie incredible with the video effects tools. There are many video effects are available. By using these effects you can make your video colorful.

Another Features of this Filmmaker Pro Apk

  • Video Filters added
  • Video Adjustments
  • Make video with Photos
  • Video Ratio
  • Convert your Video with Video Converter
  • Video Dubbing
  • Write text on Video
  • Add stickers on video and etc

In summary, the Film-Maker Pro and the Video Editor Pro apps are not the most powerful tools when it comes to editing videos. You can record and save the video directly to your mobile device using the Filmmaker Pro and you can upload the video on the Internet using the Video Maker Pro app. These apps are not too complex to use when it comes to video editing, but you might find that you need a good video editing program in order to get a decent video.

Download Filmmaker Pro Apk

Below we have provided the filmmaker pro for android download link. You can download Filmmaker App from this Film-maker pro Apk.

Download Filmmaker pro for Android
Filmmaker pro download for android free



So download the Video editor pro Apk. and enjoy this Video maker Apk for Android.

Cons of Fimmaker Pro for Android

  1. The Android version of the software is used to create the video, only the first fifteen seconds of the video will be captured on the mobile device and then stored on the computer for uploading on the Internet. This means that the creator will need to edit the entire video on the computer.
  2. The Film-Maker Pro app does not allow you to edit the video on your mobile device. All you can do with it is to make a video. If you want to watch it later on your mobile device, you will have to download it onto your computer and then transfer it to your mobile device.
  3. The last limitation of Filmmaker Pro is that it only works in portrait mode and cannot be rotated into landscape mode. You can change the orientation of the camera if you want to do so, but it would take more work than using the app. Also, in order to save video clips, the Movie Maker Pro app needs to be used instead of the Video Maker Pro app.

Last Thoughts

All over the post, I have tried to pick up the correct information of this Apk. Here we have provided the Filmmaker pro latest version download link. From this link, you can download filmmaker app free.

By Chance, you have face any trouble to download this Filmmaker and video editor Apk 2020. Then ask me in the comment section below. I have try to give the correct solution as long as I can.

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