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Download Evernote for Android: Are you looking for the Evernote Android? I think your reply is positive. Because you have searched the Evernote app for android. Now you are in the right place to download Evernote for Android.

Here we will discuss the Evernote for Android latest Version Technical Information, New features and Advantages to using this Evernote Android. We also provide the Evernote for Android download link. From this link, you can download this Apk free. 
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So keep reading the post and download your desired Evernote Android.

Evernote for Android

Evernote is the latest rising and most popular notes for Android. That uses for notes everything on Android. This Evernote Apk allows handwriting and typing both ways to make a note. This is really amazing Android notes for Education, Business, and every day’s note.

With this Evernote App, you can focus or give full attention on your notes with your matter. This is a very similar way to makes a note on Android. On this Apk, Organizers and planners make their idea or plan very easily. This Apk allows to share or fit any note documents with anyone via Whatsapp, Messanger, or Skype.

That’s why Evernote for Android is very popular in Android users.

What’s New of Evernote for Android

In this new edition, Evernote for Android 2020 comes with many new features and facilities. Now, it’s authority fixed all bugs and added many new tools. That’s why Ever note sign in and uses process is very easy.

  • Fixed all Bugs
  • Add Evernote Web clipper
  • Microsoft Office outlook added

Key Features of Evernote for Android

There are many features in this Apk. These amazing and cool features are unblocked. You can use all features to taking note on Android. They make this Apk very easy to use. With this addition 2020 Ever note for Android is colorful with huge features.

Features of Evernote Premium Apk

There are a lot of features of this Apk latest version. We can’t discuss these all in this short post. But you should know about the features of this Apk. So discuss the most popular features of these Android notes.

  • Evernote Android is completely free and user frankly to use.
  • It has an Evernote Windows version.
  • It allows using an Evernote Chrome extension.
  • It’s free to Download Evernote and use it on Android or Evernote ios.
  • You can make an update with Evernote download
  • Evernote Sign in or Evernote login is very simple and easy.
  • It’s free to download Evernote Premium free
  • Don’t worry about Evernote Pricing monthly.
  • Make note on Wikipedia directly

Download Evernote for Android

As I mentioned before Evernote 2020 Has many new features to makes notes. Now check the Additional Information about the Evernote premium Apk.

Apk NameEvernote Apk
Apk Version8.13.1
Apk Size2.5MB
Update DateYesterDay

If you want to enjoy these features to make your Android. Then you can download Ever note for Android free latest version from the given link below.

download evernote for Android

EverNote for Android download free

Older Version of Evernote for Android

  • 8.12.5
  • 8.12.4
  • 8.12.3
  • 8.12.2
  • 8.12.1
  • 8.12.0

How to use Evernote for Android

There is some Evernote user don’t know about How to use Evernote pro For android? Though it is very easy to use. They can’t use this Evernote Android properly. That’s why we are going to share the full guidelines to use the Evernote Apk.

You are also feeling worried about ” How to use Evernote for Android “? Then look at below and follow the full process to use this Evernote App.

Cons of using Evernote Apk for Android

May you know nothing is perfect in the world? Everything of this world has some guilty. So there is a little disadvantage of this Evernote App. These are very simple and cool. It won’t make trouble to use Evernote for Android free. But you should know about these Disadvantages. Let’s check the Disadvantages below.

  • It takes too much time to save any kind of notes.
  • It is not a user-friendly Apk.
  • Sometimes, its reminder rings an hour late from the set time.
  • Often it makes a problem to share the documents.

Also Check: Evernote for Windows download for PC

Best Evernote Alternatives for Android

You don’t want to use Evernote for Android? Now, are you searching for the Evernote alternatives for Android? If your answer is Yes. Then I can help you to find the best Evernote alternatives for Android.

There are many android notes like Evernote online. These some are free and some are paid. We have made a simple quarry about the Evernote alternatives. Then we find some Android notes like Evernote which are very similar to Evernote.

Here we have shared these best Evernote Alternatives for Android list. These all are trusted and tested by us. You can download and use any one of them on your Android.

These are:

  1. Microsoft Onenote. Platforms: Web, Windows, Mac, Android, iOS
  2. Simplenote
  3. CintaNote
  4. Apple Note
  5. Notejoy
  6. ProofHub
  7. Tettra
  8. Quip
  9. Dropbox Paper
  10. BoxNotes
  11. Google Keep and etc.


Entire the Short post, We have discussed the Evernote for Android. Here we have picked up Evernote for Android features, Technical Info and How to use Evernote for Android free. I hope this will help you to download and use this Evernote for Android.

In case you make any deal to download Evernote for Android. Then ask me in the comment section or contact us about your issue. We will make a discussion and try to solve your problem.


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