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Download Candy Crush Game: Welcome to Candy crush Sega download official page. Download Candy Crush Sega Mod Apk free from this website. Here we provide the Candy Crush Apk latest version download link. You can download this Candy Crush sega Game last Update free below.

This is the high time to play Android Games on Android. There is no young person, who doesn’t like play puzzles and thrilling games on their Android. If you are on the same condition. Then Candy Crush is the best puzzle game for you.

So download the Candy Crush Sega Apk for Android free and enjoy this Game. 

Candy Crush Sega Mod Apk 2020

Candy Crush Saga is one of the best match-3 puzzles Games for Android. This Candy Crush Sega Apk is designed with attractive candy with a beautiful interface. There is a thousand of Levels with a different design. These levels become easy to difficult by levels step. Here you have to play and complete all levels to complete the game.

This Apk is made with full curiosity and exciting moments. After completing a level it will unblock another level automatically. This level will be difficult than before levels. So it is too exciting to play and complete.

This Candy Crush sega mod Apk has downloaded by 50 Million+ game lovers all over the world.

That’s really fantastic Puzzle game with unlimited features.

Download Candy Crush Sega Mod Apk-free

As you know earlier candy crush Sega is totally user-frankly game for Android. It is small in size with unlimited facilities. That’s why it’s become the most popular game all over the world.

Before download the Apk you should know about the Candy Crush sega Mod Apk technical info and features below.

Additional Information of this Candy Crush Sega Mod Apk 2020.

Apk NameCandy Crush Sega Apk
Apk Version1.174.0.2
LanguageEnglish ( 18More )
Apk Size121 MB
Last Update09 April 2020 at 4:54 PM
Downloads50 Million +

Features of Candy Crush Sega Game Apk

There are lots of excellent features of this Candy Crush sega mod Apk. These all are unblocked to play the puzzle Game with thousand of levels.

Here we explain the key features of this Apk that you should know about these features to play game. Let’s check the features overview below.

Bright 3D Graphics and fun

Though Candy Crush Saga Game has not 3D Scene, Role-playing, carton or anime these game candy are designed with fantastic candy style, amazing lighting effect, and funny sounds. Every time of Candy crushing, an amazing ray effect will explode on the screen. That will impress you to play the game with fun.

 In this new edition, Candy Crush sega has bought an excellent interface designed neatly and simply with colorful candies. This is really an amazing game to play in leisure time without feel boring.

Play with Friends and Compare Achievements

There are many levels is very difficult to play in this game. This is too tough to complete the level. Here Candy Crush Sega Apk will give you a facility to play your Candy Crush with your friends online.

This facility is not available for all levels. There are many levels that you have to play by owns.

Thousand of Easy to Difficult Levels

Thousand of Game levels are available on this game. When you start to play the Game start level, it will too easy and simple. But when you have a higher level, the difficulty level will be increased. These levels became easy to tough.  When you complete a level then it will unblock another level automatically. This level will be difficult than before level.

Not only that, but it will also be more interesting and exciting to play. The Candy crush Game sound and candy crushing ray will motivate you to complete the level target.

Mode information of this Candy Crush Game

There are 4 modes of this game. You have to play the game with these modes. The first mode is very frankly to users. Here it will give you unlimited facilities to play and complete the levels.

Then it will be changed his character. It makes shorter facilities to play. That’s why it becomes difficult to play the game levels.

Check the mode info below.

[MOD V1]
1. Infinite Lives (Always Win)
2. Unlock All Levels/Episodes
3. Infinite Boosters

[MOD V2]
1. Infinite Lives (Always Win)
2. Unlock All Levels/Episodes
3. Infinite Boosters
4. 99 Moves
5. 99 Explosion Turns​

[MOD V3]
Infinite Lives
100 moves

[MOD V4]

Unlock All Levels/Episodes

How to play Candy Crush Sega Game?

There are many users who don’t know about How to use/Play Candy Crush Sega Game? If you are also looking for this topic then we can help you to play the game by providing the Candy Crush Gameplay process below.

When you open a level, here you can see many candies with different colors. Now, you have to put at least three candies of the same color in a line to make them disappear, giving way to new candies that appear; and then get score point. At the same time, it will complete some other requirements automatically.

Here you will have to make a line with the same color candies to get a huge point at a time. Which are considered challenges that the game set out. For example: collect 20 red candies, 30 green candies or gain 10000 points and collect 20 yellow candies.

Last Words

Entire the blog post, we have discussed Candy Crush Sega Mod Apk last Update 2020. Here we picked up this Mod Apk Technical information and Explained Candy Crush Sega Hack Apk features. At last, We provide the Candy Crush Sega Mod Apk download link. You can download this Candy Crush Sega app free.

In case you have face any difficulty to download this Candy Crush sega mod Apk Android. Then click here or ask in the comment section below. We will try to solve your problem with our best.

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