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Android Apk

Download App Cloner Apk Latest Version for Android

Download App Cloner ApkAre you looking for the Appcloner Apk? If your reply is positive. Then Welcome to the Best app cloner for Android download official website. Here we have provided the app cloner premium Apk free. You can download app cloner android from the given link below. 

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App cloner Apk for Android

Appcloner Apk is a tools for android that allows to and makes clone app android. It offers to create duplicates apps for your Android. You can make an exact copy of your android and Tablet apps. There is an only difference between the android apps and app clone Apks is “Certificate and license”.
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App cloner has multi-account to create the unlimited app cloner Apk from Android mods Apk. By using this app cloner 2.2.2 premium Apk you can create and install multiple copies of any Smartphone apps.

There is app cloner iOS also available online. You can download app cloner iOS free or paid app cloner iOS from the app cloner official page.

Download App Cloner Apk latest Version

App cloner publisher has published the App cloner Apk 2.2.2. Now, this is the app cloner latest version in the market. They have added many facilities in this version. Now it makes a better app then the app cloner mod Apk old version.

Download App Cloner Premium Mod Apk free
App Cloner Premium Mod Apk download free

Technical Information about Appcloner Apk latest version.

Apk NameApp Cloner
Apk Version2.1.1
Apk Size16.32 MB
Last UpdateYesterday

Before download app cloner premium Apk free. You should check the features of this Apk latest version.

Features of this App Cloner Premium Apk

There are many important features are available in this app cloner premium Apk. These all are only for this premium version. There is the unlimited features belong to this version. That’s why this premium version is more popular than the Appcloner Apk free version.

  • Clone premium apps (Gmail, Bukalapak, Messenger, Fake GPS tracker Apps, app cloner whatsapp, YoWhatsapp, GB Whatsapp, and etc.) are available.
  • Save clone apps automatically
  • Create multiple clone apps and use both online at a time.
  • Replace clone apps icons

Whats’s New of App Cloner Apk

This Apk latest version bought many new features. These all are very useful to use this App cloner.

  • Bug Fixed
  • Search modding option
  • Job Scheduling launched
  • Select all on Focus included
  • Notification dots added and etc.

Features of this free App Cloner Apk

There are many new amazing features that are added in this app cloner android. Here we pick up the most useful and popular features of this clone app.

  •  You can Change app version name & code
  • It allows to hide developer mode
  • Turn on the do not Disturb, Wi-Fi, Bluetooth & auto-rotate controls
  • Allows to Set clipboard data on start
  • There is Android TV launcher support available
  • You can make Android TV banner image
  • It allows change notification color & lights
  • There is app cloner premium & add-ons mod Apk also avaialable
  • Snooze notifications & notification timeout.
  • Change notification visibility & priority
  • Remove & replace notification icons & actions
  • Change notification text & categories
  • Make app persistent
  • Disable background services
  • Disable app defaults
  • Start app via secret dialer code
  • Quick settings tile
  • Disable wake locks, modify job scheduling
  • Fake battery level
  • You can disable Auto-start
  • Install app to SD-card
  • Disable photo & media access
  • Redirect external storage
  •   Prevent app backup
  • Mute volume on start
  • Mute while app in the foreground or for text on screen
  • Start sound
  • Disable cameras & mic
  • Disable audio focus (allow playing audio / video alongside other apps)
  • Disable Chromecast button
  • Show on secondary display
  • Password-protect apps, including Stealth mode
  • Create Fake calculator app
  • Disable access to contacts, calendar, call log & clipboard
  • Exclude app from recents
  • Spoof GPS location
  • Hide mock location
  • Create Fake time zone
  • Prevent screenshots
  • In-app floating keyboard 
  • Incognito mode for apps, incognito keyboard
  • Change or hide Android ID, IMEI / IMSI, Wi-Fi & Bluetooth MAC
  • Change Google Advertising ID

Disadvantages of using App cloner Android

There are little disadvantages of this app cloner android. There is nothing complete without disadvantages. So we should know about these cons and take care of this disadvantage.

  • You need to allow Android Unknown sources to install this app cloner.
  • App cloner will change your Android mod Apk certificates
  • Cracked Apk can’t clone.
  • Clone app can’t work without the main app.
  • All Android Apk can’t clone.

Some Apk’s Can’t Be cloned By Appcloner.

  • Snapchat
  • Trello
  • Viber
  • WeChat
  • Skype for Busines
  • eBay (still works before Android 8.0)
  • Evernote
  • GCash
  • Dana
  • Grab
  • Kodi
  • Lazada
  • LINE
  • OneDrive
  • OVO
  • Ali Express


Entire the post, We have discussed the App cloner Android. We have tried to collect and provided the correct information about this Appcloner Apk. Here App cloner Apk latest version download link is included from official Website.

In case you can’t understand or face problems using this app cloner. Then ask in the comment box. We’ll make a discussion and try to solve your trouble. 

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